Karate Courses

Offered at Parkside:


Courses in Physical Education (PHED):

157 Karate I 1 cr
Prereq: None. Freq: Fall, Spring.
Fundamentals of basic karate techniques. Emphasis placed on proper overall organization of hand and foot techniques, stances, posture, and physical principles of power.

158 Karate II 1 cr
Prereq: PHED 157 or cons of instr Freq: Fall, Spring.
Intermediate study in the art of self-defense. Introduction to defense against an actual assailant and concentrated study of prearranged formal exercises.

159 Karate III 1 cr
Prereq: PHED 158 or cons instr Freq: Fall, Spring.
Advanced study in the art of self-defense. Instruction in defense against attacks with a weapon and multiple assailants. Combined physical psychological principles of power.