Shorei Sites:

Kondo No Shokai

Organization for Shorei stylists. HIGHLY Recommended!

 Shorei Pages:

Robert Grieshaber

Student's personal webpage with more kata video links


Fernando Camara’s Shoreijikan Association


Jim Brumbaugh’s Odayaka Martial Arts Studio


Sharkey’s Karate Studio


Lorraine & Lawrence Lewis Dojo

Yin Yang Do Karate

Shorei Kempo Karate Association in Kenosha, WI

Sho Shin Kan

Shorei Dojo in Kenosha, WI

Kazoku Budokan

Shorei Goju in Walworth, WI

Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo:

Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo

Kosho=Old Pine Tree. Brief background on Shorei Kempo

Shuri (Descendant of Shorei):

International Shuri Ryu Association

Main Shuri organization with information, history, and instructional information.

Kyoshi Ridgely Abele Dojo

Good site for information. Definitely recommend Ridgely's Karatedo: Art, Sport, Science Book!

Mark Rowe Shuri-Ryu Web Site

A lot of good information and history.

Double Dragon

Fran Babbino’s Dojo


Dave's Shotokan Pages

Great information for training & exercise.

Shotokan Planet

TONS of info on Shotokan & karate in general.


United States Karate-do Kai.

Phillip Koeppel's org. Neat pics, mostly Shorin info now. Good regional events.


Good overall info. Dojo directory, events, terms, etc.

 Link to Links:

Wenessia MA Search Engine

Good categories, search by style, and ratings.


Lots of interesting links with varying styles to choose from.

Martial Arts Top 50

Good search & top rated listings