Okinawa Karate Dojo

About the Dojo



Shorei-ryu Karate is an ancient martial art with roots in India and China. Here at the Okinawa Karate Dojo we trace our lineage through teachers from Arizona, Hawaii, Japan and Okinawa.

According to our students, the reasons why they continue to study Shorei-ryu Karate include:

  • Self Defense
  • Physical Fitness
  • Competition
  • Self-Discipline
  • Family Atmosphere
  • Inexpensive Lessons
  • Convenient Schedule
  • Friendly, Competent Instructors


Our rules are simple, but must be learned and followed:

  1. Don't start fights
  2. No Drugs
  3. No gangs


All people of good character aged six years or older are welcome to enroll in our classes.

In the recent past we have offered special classes such as Domestic Violence Survival, Women's Self Defense and the Cane as a Weapon of Self Defense.

Students enrolled in the Beginner Class learn the school rules, basic blocks, strikes, kicks, thrusts, stances, falling, a basic kata (formal exercise), and martial arts etiquette.

Beginner Classes are held from 5:30 to 6:25PM Mondays through Thursdays. The Intermediate and Advanced Classes are held from 6:30 to 7:30PM on the same days.

The Okinawa Karate Dojo opened in 1987 and is in Deming, New Mexico. Our present location is in a carpeted warehouse in the Deming Industrial Park at 2403 Atlantic Way (beside UPS). Recorded message at (505) 546-3461.

Questions or comments, email the instructor: Terry Sanders (