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Membership Application

WELCOME!  Please print and complete the following information and mail it along with a photocopy of your current certificate of rank to the address at the bottom. All perspective black belt level members must submit a DVD of themselves performing the forms [kata] that were required for their last promotion. Minors being registered by their teachers can skip the Phone & Address sections.


Date of application:

Date of birth:



Street Address

City / State / Zip:

Your current rank:

Style of karate:

Name/s of teacher/s:

Describe your formal education:

Summarize your martial arts experience:


KNS Membership - Colored Belt Ranking

$5.00 / First Year


KNS Membership - Black Belt Ranking

$5.00 / First Year


Kondo No Shokai Patch [limit 2]



Shorei-ryu Patch [limit 2]







Member sensei may waive the membership fee if the student is unable to pay.  The sensei must require the non-paying new member to perform one hour of community service. Write the service performed on the back of the student's application.

Member registration includes current rank certificate, membership card and password to the members-only section of the Kondo No Shokai Website (http://kondonoshokai.com), as well as your welcomed participation in the Kondo No Shokai email chat group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KondoNoShokai).

Terry B. Sanders, Kaicho
Kondo No Shokai

9950 Majestic View Road SW

Deming, NM 88030-9537