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Karate Terms

Stances (Dachi)

Front Stance

Zenkutsu Dachi

Feet shoulder and a half width apart, two shoulder lengths front to back. Front leg bent supporting 60% weight, back leg locked straight with 40% weight.

(Leaning) Back Stance

Kokutsu Dachi

Feet perpendicular – back foot’s heel lines up with front foot. 70% weight on back leg, 30% on front.

Cat Stance

Neko Ashi Dachi

Knees bent, 10% weight front leg, 90% back leg.

Long Cat Stance

Ko Neko Dachi

Same as Neko, front leg further out. (Neko Buto Yo)

Straddle leg/Horse Stance

Kiba Dachi

Feet parallel, 50/50 weight distribution.

Sumo Stance

Shiko Dachi

Feet at a 90 degree angle, 50/50 weight distribution.

Hour Glass Stance

Sanchin Dachi

Toes pointed inward, heel of the front foot lines up with toes of back foot.

Attention Stance

Musubi Dachi

Heels touching, toes splayed at 45 degrees.

Natural Stance

Heiko Dachi

Feet Shoulder width apart, parallel.

Hooked Leg Stance

Kage Dachi

Back leg behind front, knees bent. (Pinan Yo)

Leopard Stance

Mitsurin Dachi

Narrow, low zen. (Neko Buto Yo/Go)

Hooked Leg Crane Stance

Haku Tsuru Dachi

Left foot in back of right knee. (Neko Buto Yo)

Beginning Attention

Heisoku Dachi

Feet together.

Spread-out Stance

Hachiji Dachi

Feet shoulder width apart, legs straight. (Anaku)

Crane Stance

Tsuru Dachi

All weight on left leg, right leg up.

Blocks (Uke/Uki)


Parkside Term


Other variants

Rising Block

Age Uke

Rising block to the upper area

Jodan Uki

Outside Block

Soto Ude Uke

Outside forearm block to middle area

Chudan Soto Uke

Inside Block

Ude Uke

Inside forearm block to middle area

Chudan Uchi Uke

Down Block

Gedan Barai

Downward (sweeping) block

Mae Gedan Barai, Gedan Uki

Accentuated Block

Morote Uke

Augmented inside forearm block

Morote Uki


Riken Uke

Combination scooping block and inside block covering low-mid areas

Uraken Uki, Sukui Uke


Shuto Uke

Knifehand Block

Shuto Uki

Open Hand Rising Block

Shuto Age Uke

Rising knife hand block to upper area


Double Down Block

Morote Gedan Uke

Low double closed fist block


Double Knifehand Block

Morote Shuto Uke

Double open hand block

Morote Shuto Uki, Juji Uke

Palm Heel Block

Teisho Uke

Block with the underside of wrist

Shotei Uki

Chicken Head

Keito Uke

Ridge hand rising block (Neko Go)


Crane Wrist Block

Kakuto Uke

Backside of bent wrist (Ntl. Dance)


Back Hand Block

Haishu Uke

Back Hand Block


Bottom Fist Block

Tettsui Uke

Omoto Ten – 10th move

Tettui Uke

Crescent Block

Mikazuke Uke

Crescent Block


Gaki Block

Gaki Uke

Open hand block middle section

Tsukami Uke

Punch Block

Tsuki Uke

Punch Away Block


Sweep Block

Nagashi Uke

Sweep away / Push Away Block


Crescent Kick Block

Mikazuki Geri Uke

Ending 2 moves of Shorei 2


Closed Hand Cover

Te Uke

Omoto Ten beginning position


X Block

Juji Uke

Make X with arms crossed at wrists



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