Sokon (Bushi) Matsumura

Master Sakugawa accepted Sokon Matsumura at a very early age as a karate student, when the Master was 78 years old. Impressed by Matsumura's talents in performing and teaching karate, King Sho Tai, of Okinawa, conferred upon him the title of "Bushi",known in Japan as a samurai. Previously, in Okinawan history, no practitioner of the martial arts had been awarded such a high title and honor by a king.

Bushi Matsumura trained several outstanding karate-ka: among who were Kyan Chotoku and Jabu Kantsu (The Sergeant) who assisted Yasutsune Itosu to incorporate karate into the curriculum of the Okinawan public schools. A result of taking karate in the school system was the bringing of the feudalistic karate arts to the status of sports activity in Okinawa.