T'ong Gee Hsing


T'ong Gee Hsing, a Chinese missionary, from Canton, China was a master of Hsing-yi and Shuri-te. Hsing had been the recipient of the vast knowledge and secrets of his famous uncle and adoptive father, Master Shang Tsao Hsiang. Later in Okinawa just before the war, he shared his expertise in Hsing-yi with Okinawan Master Choki Motobu, who had just returned from fifteen years of teaching karate in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. Master Hsing later traveled from Okinawa to the Solomon Islands where he met Robert Trias and became Trias' first martial arts instructor. Trias was the first caucasian to study the Chinese system of Hsing-yi. Hsing is believed to have died in Taiwan in 1955.


Source: http://www.shuri-ryu.org/shuri-ryu/hsing.htm