Rev. William Harris Foster


 The following information was taken from an email conversation with Phillip W. Koeppel (Rev. Foster's Sensei) to me on 1/21/2000:


William Harris Foster was my FIRST student in my Peoria dojo in 1960.

I was 21 years old and Bill was 48.

> What do you know about the Rev. Foster?

When I first met W.H. Foster he was a Minister in Peoria. He was a former

U.S. Marine, Missionary in Asia, and big game hunter. One of the most

interesting people I have every met in my life. We became lifelong friends

from when I met him in 1960 until he died around 1993.

> what ever happened to him after he left the Kenosha, WI area?

He never left Kenosha , he retired, married me in 1991, and died in Kenosha in 93.

> Did the Rev. Foster get his knowledge of the Shorei style from you?


> Or was it from another sensei that he might have studied under?


> Was he a student of yours for very long?

1960 thru 67.